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How to Help Prevent Your Child from Getting Dental Fluorosis

May 10, 2017

What do you know about fluoride? Are you aware that it is usually added to water to help fight off tooth decay? While fluoride is typically considered useful, have you heard that consuming too much fluoride might lead to a problem known as dental fluorosis?

Luckily, fluorosis isn’t a very serious issue, but it can be pretty embarrassing because fluorosis can actually cause white or brown spots or even unusual lines on your teeth. Since your little ones are exposed to fluoride when they drink tap water, you may want to monitor the amount of toothpaste they put on their toothbrush. It’s also important that you give your kids fluoride-free toothpaste until they’re able to spit it out on their own.

Please remember that dental fluorosis can only impact your children’s adult teeth while they’re developing, so adults don’t need to worry about developing fluorosis. If you’re concerned that you or your child are dealing with fluorosis, we suggest scheduling a checkup with our team. We’ll be happy to inspect your child’s smile and to help you improve improve its appearance.

If you’re interested in hearing more about dental fluorosis in Harker Heights, TX, please feel free to contact Killeen Children’s Dental Center by calling us at (254) 262-3131. Our dentist, Dr. Dr. Manshadi, Dr. Van Arsdall, Dr. Roden-Johnson, Dr. Shoptaw, and Dr. Shook and our dental team will gladly address any questions you may have. We’re anxious to meet with you!

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